Friday, 17 May 2013

Petite Dressing

No not this…

gap petite

… I am talking about salad dressing. The problem is that one of us likes quite a lot of dressing on the salad, the other prefers a little less. So I tend to serve the salad undressed [naked?] with the dressing ‘on the side’. But there are only two of us, and I don’t like making too much dressing, in case it goes to waste. I wanted an attractive small container.

crocusI had a poke around, and then remembered a Christmas present from a few years back. I had a set of three glass ‘crocus vases’ – and they were in the garage.

Only a few inches tall, one of these would hold just the right amount of dressing.

After a very thorough cleansing, and finding a cork which would fit the aperture beautifully, I present to you my ‘petite dressing carafe’


I am ridiculously satisfied with this. Not least because I can dribble my oil, vinegar etc. into the carafe, put the cork firmly in place, and then [holding it firmly with my thumb on the top] shake it like crazy to make my dressing. Minimal washing up!

If we don’t use all the dressing at one meal, it keeps well in the fridge for another day.

As the prophet Zechariah says “Who dares despise the day of small things?”


  1. Let's never forget to celebrate the small!

  2. My old jam jar is now feeling decidedly shabby!
    Jane x

  3. Brilliant!!!! I tend to only make up a titchy amount of salad dressing in a large jug. I just sling a bit of balsamic, lemon and olive oil into a little celtic cross jug I was bought and shake and pour! This is a brilliant idea you've made!x

  4. When a mustard is finished I don't throw the jar away but use it as a container to make a salad dressing. There's no need to wash it out and I get to use all the mustard in the jar.
    Love from Mum

  5. It's very cute. (My jam jars also feel shabby by comparison.)

    I've found that dressing keeps quite well on the counter, without refrigeration. (I suppose the vinegar acts as a preservative.)


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