Friday, 24 May 2013

Half Term Is Here, Hallelujah!


And yet another Barnaby Bear has been dressed and provided with a travelling bag. He is ready for his Half Term Holiday, even if I’m not!

I brought him home last night and made his sweatshirt. He belongs to the class I taught yesterday afternoon. I was due to teach ‘hockey skills’ to these 7 year olds – but we had to dash back inside because of a hailstorm. In May!!!!

[friends who have known me a long time will remember that I have loathed hockey all my life. I consider the hailstorm was probably Divine Providence!]


  1. Happy Half Term, I am looking forward to a few lie ins this week !

  2. Hockey...the game where you run around in the freezing cold with wet cardies (rain does not stop play),then sit steaming by the lukewarm radiators during French, rubbing bruised shins and dreaming of summer holidays. I remember it well.
    Jane x

  3. Happy halfterm! I loathed hockey too - barbaric game!!! Jx

  4. Ha ha!!! Hockey- the one sport I wasn't picked last for!x

  5. Oh Ang, I deeply brings me out in shivers. I must be the only person who has ever hit the ball the wrong way. I loathed it!

  6. We had hail too, someone reckoned we'd had snow but I didn't see any.

    Hallelujah half-term indeed! :)


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