Friday, 18 October 2013

I Had A Stroll In The Deep, Dark Wood…

We donned our coats and wellies, and grabbed our packed lunches and four dozen of us [mostly aged 4 or 5] went on a coach to Beaumanor Hall, a lovely property owned by Leicester Council.


We began in the classroom, where Tracey introduced us to the idea of a Gruffalo Day and told us about the activities.


The day had 4 parts [and we were in four groups so did each in rotation]

[1]We walked through the woods following the trail of the Gruffalo and the footprints of the other animals – and crossed the stream on the stepping stones.

[2] We made musical instruments from the things around us – conkers, acorns, stones, twigs etc [and small plastic milk bottles] and also used natural things to create collage pictures of the Gruffalo


Then lunch!

[3] We found the animals [soft toys] hiding in the trees and undergrowth and set up a teaparty for them – then wrote about it all. IMG_0918

[4] We went into a wonderful part of the gardens where there were low overhanging branches and tree stumps, and created dens with old curtains and blankets, ropes and clothespegs. Then we sat on blankets under the dim canopy and by the light of the torch, I read 11 excited children the story of the nocturnal journey of the Gruffalo’s Child.

Tracey was an excellent hostess. We all had fun. Nobody got hurt or lost – but we all got a little bit muddy. And the coach took us back to school for hometime. Tired but happy.

It was a lovely day – weather pleasant, children exuberant – and many clearly growing in confidence as we explored and clambered and climbed and skipped round the wooded areas surrounding the lovely old house. Learning at its best – full of fun and unforced.

And now it is half term! But no lie-in for me tomorrow, I am back doing WWDP activities, and have a Very Early Start.

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  1. We used to do this sort of thing for Big Sisters hosted at the sanctuary where I much fun!
    Jane x


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