Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Secret Of Holeyness

I wanted to find an easy lace pattern – one I could memorise, and do in the car whilst travelling. I played around for a while and ended up with this. It is not particularly original, and probably all over the Internet already, but here it is [front and reverse sides shown]


You need an odd number of stitches, and the pattern has just four rows to it.

Rows 1-3 – KNIT

Row 4 – *K2tog, yrn* repeat to last stitch k1

That’s it. Even I can manage to carry that in my head!

PIle-of-Teds1I shall explain why I wanted this later- but if you have caught the knitting bug, do pop over to Elaine’s Blog [here] and check out her pattern for Teds for Zimbabwe – her friend Jessica needs 200 by Christmas.


  1. It's very pretty - I like the tiny ripples made by the nubbly backs of the garter stitches.

  2. I'm so thick I was trying to work out how the crochet trebles twisted like that...


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