Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Important Announcement!

Just received this message from FM, whose blog I have enjoyed for ages [she is a close friend of Froogs aka Frugal Queen] So I am passing it on in case you are one of the 400! [or if not here’s another blog to add to your list]

Hi it's FM here, long time follower. My blog has moved to:
Can I ask you to publicise this please as something horrid has happened and I can't access any of my old blog or the last four years' worth of blogs - aaargh!! This means I can't find my list of 400+ followers either, and I genuinely love to spread a little bit of happiness through my blog. Many thanks, FM xxxxx


So I am passing on the news- Tracey’s blog has moved!!


  1. Thank you, I enjoy FM's blog. It's such a shame she was caught out this way, Lesley

  2. Always a pleasure to discover a new blog.


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