Friday, 4 October 2013

Just Who Is “Satpin M.D.”?

satpin mdYou may have heard of Marcus Welby MD, Doogie Howser MD and various other TV medics… but Satpin MD?

As I have been working with 4 year olds, just starting school, over the past few weeks, these are the letters they have to learn first.


And whenever I see it written down I feel it ought to be another hospital drama [to be repeated endlessly on ITV 3] But these letters are so incredibly useful, it is amazing how many words you can make from them [despite the fact that there isn’t a magic ‘e’ there]

I am sad, and in I’m pain. Satpin MD is in Spain.

Pat sat in paint! Pat did stain Tim’s satin pants.

Did Tim mind? Mmm! [Tim said “Stand, damn imp”]

A panda in a sandpit, ant in pants.

Mad Dad’s mint is damp. Mimi spat at dim man.

Instant antipasti dip? Add passata in a mini tin.

Sid is in India, I’m in Panama

Satpin MD said I’d nip past Sid’s pinata.

Pianist taps a minim, Ada spins and stamps

cat hatActually my class don’t get to do exciting sentences like these – and I can’t think of any more – I seem to be running out of

spit and stamina

Maybe Satpin MD trained at the same hospital as that other children’s wordsmith, Dr Seuss?


  1. You are very good with words! I couldn't have dragged all of those out of just a few letters - just as well that you are the teacher and I am not!!

  2. So glad to drop in on your interesting world!

  3. I am re-entering the world of Jolly Phonics, with mum!

  4. I'm rather worried that Tim is wearing satin pants!
    Jane x

  5. Think you could write a book on the adventures of Dr Satpin.


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