Friday, 18 October 2013

Mum’s The Word

Some of those flowers I was given on September 29th are still going strong! I sorted out the final few chrysanthemums and trimmed their stems. Then I put them in a little tin I’ve had for ages. I think I brought back from Seville on my Spanish holiday in 2006 – it was full of olives with lemon slices. I did line it first with clingfilm, to prevent it rusting. The colours seemed to go well with the label on the tin. I played around with my fancy camera settings too…


au naturel


highlighting the yellow – on a white windowsill


highlighting the yellow – on a dark blue sofa

I know Miss Jean Brodie speaks disparagingly of chrysanthemums as “such serviceable flowers”  - but that’s why I like them. They last ages if you care for them and bring colour and joy to gloomy wet October days! I don’t really like the green tinged ones though.


  1. Love the bottom one, and yes, they fit really well in that tin.

  2. They look lovely in the tin!
    If I see any reference to Miss Jean Brodie, I hear Maggie Smith's Scottish "creme de la creme".
    Jane x

  3. I like Chyrsanthemums too!!!x


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