Saturday, 4 August 2018

A False Creation

...proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain 
[So says Shakespeare in Macbeth, when he sees a dagger before him] I really have found it hard to think straight in recent weeks.
I have been conscious of completely misunderstanding things, my head  feels as if it is on fire, my thoughts are fried. 

For Instance, here is a sign on the construction site just outside the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre.
I walked past quite slowly on Thursday, tired from my train journey.
"NOTICE - PPE required beyond this point" it says.
And I found myself thinking "it must be really hard to get a job as a labourer nowadays, if you are required to have a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics" - until I remembered that in this context, it means Personal Protection Equipment.
I sent Bob a text to let him know i had arrived safely, and he replied with a string of emojis.

"Two little green men are less than three" I read. Well, this is undoubtedly true. 
It was only later that I realised that symbol may mean less than three to a mathematician, but the rest of the world sees it as a heart on its side, a symbol of love! But in all this sun-induced confusion, I have learned something interesting -
I've not blogged about the great Bronte-fest going on at the minute [it is 200 years since Emily's birth]. I've never been that excited by Wuthering Heights [I blame our English teacher, a Yorkshirewoman, who succeeded in putting me off the book by making it all so boring] I was exceedingly pleased when Liz sent me a chart from the Guardian showing I am taller that Charlotte Bronte [Jane Eyre was always my favourite of the Bronte heroines anyway]
So there I am, just between Charlotte and Thomas Hardy [and bigger than an Emperor Penguin too!] It is good to know one's place in the order of things.
I think I need to go lie down in a cool, darkened room...


  1. Thankyou for your post Angela, the PPE comment made me laugh out loud- so welcome at the moment! Yes mathematical symbols do not carry the same meaning for us non mathematicians. I always read, rarely comment. But a big thank you for all of your posts, I used to be in education, and I used to know your part of the world quite well.
    It really is too hot for coherent thought, isn't it?

  2. Thanks Veeknits, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I am absolutely melting in this heat, and conscious I am not working very effectively.
    I keep putting off doing the ironing, as I cannot bear the thought of adding more warmth to the room[that's today's excuse, anyway]

  3. I'm just between Thomas Hardy & Bramwell. and don't worry too much about how you are feeling - apparently it is actually a fact that we just don't think as early when it's so hot. Something about our brain and bodies concentrating on cooling us down.
    I've always been more of a Jane Austen fan than the Brontes but perhaps it's time to give them another chance. I've read all "the classics" but still actually prefer Austen.
    Try to keep cool.

    1. That should have been "think clearly" - auto correct drives me crazy some days!

  4. I'm right there with you. Today I made everyone toast for breakfast by buttering one side of the toast and spreading chocolate spread on the opposite side. Thank goodness for flannels is all i can say to that one!

  5. I wouldn't have known what PPE stood for. A similar construction notice here would say "Hard Hat Area"! At 4' 11 1/2", I am between Charlotte Bronte and Thomas Hardy. :)

  6. Margie - I cannot 'think early' in this heat! Fishcake- I love the idea of your kids turning their toast over and over in wonderment - Bless, we are the same height!

  7. I'm taller than Emily Bronte. I was SO glad to be away from the heat in Essex and come to the cooler weather in Northumberland. I was so sleep-deprived in that searing heat.Xx


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