Thursday, 30 August 2018

All's Well That Ends In Wells

I completely forgot to post these pictures! We were watching the Look East BBC News, and saw this wonderful clip [do check it out, only 48 seconds long]
This summer, there has been an Art Trail at Wells next the Sea, up on the Norfolk coast. One of the pieces is The Lifeboat Horse - based on the horses that used to pull the boat out into the water to be launched in years gone by.
It is situated on the marsh bank opposite the quay - and as the tide rises and falls, the horse is submerged then revealed.This whetted our appetite, and so we planned a day in Wells to walk the trail. Liz, Jon and Rosie came with us, and we planned to eat lunch on The Albatros. Initially things went a little pear shaped - unfortunately they weren't serving food till 2pm. The men pushed the buggy up and down the quayside, and Liz and I queued at the chippy.  Then a member of staff came out and said there was a fault with the fryers - no more food being served there. We moved to the next chippy and queued there - but on collecting our food, there were no seats left. So we took our grub and sat by the water to eat it [Rosie not 100% sure about this!]. After lunch, Bob and I did most of the trail, then met up with the others. The artworks were strictly temporary, 'just for the summer'. They have all been sold now, and will be taken away soon - but the popularity of the horse means a permanent copy of it is to be made and sited on the marsh.

Once we'd met up again with the others, we rode on the little train to the beach.

Rosie made a sandcastle [with Grandma's help] and the others dozed in the sunshine. Then Liz watched our stuff, whilst Rosie and I paddled, and Jon and Bob walked back to fetch the car. A lovely ending to a great family day out.


  1. When we lived in the Midlands, we used to go to Norfolk often. Wells and Sheringham were our favourite places.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day out to me x x

  3. That horse sculpture is awesome! So is Rosie's sandcastle! Nice of her to contribute an artwork of her own to the event!


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