Friday, 24 August 2018


I have a friend who uses this expression, trinklements, to mean knickknacks/trinkets/ornaments - I think the Jewish-American term term is tchotchkes. A decorative item with no real purpose. 
I have definitely been responsible for the production of a lot of trinklements this week! A friend asked me if I could run a couple of textiles workshops as part of the children's holiday activities she has been organising this summer.
So I got out my trusty Fiskars Bird Die, and on Wednesday cut out loads of felt lovebirds and wings. We spent Thursday morning sewing and embellishing birds- and then hanging them on linen threads so they could be suspended at a window or from a dressing table mirror, or something. 

The age range was 8 to adult [parents got involved too - it was lovely to be able to teach one Mum how to embroider French Knots] and I felt the results were good. 
The youngest began by saying she wanted to use Pritt stick and glue, not sew [because when they sewed at school, she couldn't do it, and the teacher got impatient with her] With a little encouragement she tried with a needle, and never looked back!
This morning we will be making Owls [the theme for the activities this summer has been flying creatures - so they've already done artwork involving bees, butterflies and dragonflies]


  1. Ha ha! The linen thread starts to appear. You'll need to make a LOT of birds to use it all though!

  2. Oh, what a lovely activity! Well done you!

  3. I love that the little girl persevered! I love hearing stories of school redemption!!

  4. I love the bright colours, such cheerful birds x x

  5. Those felt birds are so cute! Good use of the linen thread, too!


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