Monday, 20 August 2018

Hey, Big Spender!

I love the Norfolk Village Yard Sales. On Saturday we went to the one at Great Ryburgh [home of Perfick Pork, purveyors of finest sausages] It was enormous fun, with around thirty residents displaying their goods in front gardens, on plastic tarps, or trestle tables. Excellent cakes, tea and coffee were on sale in the Village Hall. Just £5 if you were selling, and for punters like us, 50p for a map showing the locations of all the vendors. This was helpful, especially when some were "down the loke behind the chippie" 
We bought a few items
Bob enjoyed finding old tools, including a whole box of chisels for just £10, whilst I spent a total of £2.50 on two books and a pair of unused pinking shears [I foolishly lent mine to a friend of a friend, back in May and I'm still awaiting their return] 

I love books by Janet and Allen Ahlberg, and will enjoy sharing this one with Rosie. 
The Usborne Christmas Decorations Book is in pristine condition and a bargain at 50p
The village has a number of memorials dotted about, including this one on the wall of the old school, marking the end of the Boer Wars. 
The Memorial Village Hall was opened in 1953, Coronation Year, "in memory of his gracious majesty, King George VI" 
The community spirit survives today - profits from the sale will be divided between church, village hall, the playing field and the village shop. The latter also houses the Post Office and welcomes walkers and cyclists. Not only selling refreshments, but providing seating and tables and use of a microwave so you can warm pies, pasties and babyfood. Oh, and loos and washing facilities too. 
Later on in the day we called on Liz, Jon and Rosie. The new flooring is almost complete. Rosie and I made paper boats and went outside away from power tools to float them on a baking tray. 
This chair originally came from Dereham Baptist Sunday School - and when it was discarded, I repainted it for Liz over 30 years ago.  
Not everything can be repaired. My summer shoes - bought for a song in 2015, have definitely worn out. The heels have gone right through and let in the rain. The soles have split at the front and gravel works its way in. They have been binned and will not be going back to Dorset  But I've had my money's worth. Cost per wear is about 3p a time! 
Definitely a day for celebrating bargains. 
Do they have village sale days where you are? 


  1. We have a sort of mini farmers market every month, with garden produce, plants, cakes, home made cards etc. It's alwaya a nice morning to go to.
    (Looking at the books, I wondered if one is allowed to use the word 'Burglar' any more? Might it upset someone, or be non PC?)

  2. As the policeman [many of whom are PCs!] use the term I think we are safe to read this book to Rosie! "Felon Fred" doesn't sound as good, or "Intruder Ian" [esp as Ian is the name of her other Grandad!]

  3. Many places in the U.S. have "town-wide yard sales) once or twice each year. We first enjoyed this in Iowa 20 years ago. Our little village nearby does it each year in May. They make maps, and people list their yard sales with the town. It's quite a fun event! Your shoes look like they were faithful companions for many walks!

  4. These events ARE great fun as you say. I've worn my shoes so much this sunny summer that they've left tan lines across the tops of my feet!

  5. Burglar Bill is a classic. I have very fond memories of sharing that with my boys - now aged 28 and 26. Rosie and you will enjoy it.

  6. I remember my mum reading Burgler Bill to me and my brother when we were small. You've made me go all nostalgic x

  7. I've not really been to a village sale before though at Music camp, we play in a windband for the village fete there which is quite fun. Sadly, there was no Bric-a-brac this time- I've had some lovely things from that before!

  8. No village yard sales where I live, but plenty of yard/garage sales. I've had to stop going to them because I was buying too much junk!


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