Wednesday, 8 August 2018

You'll Look Sweet, Upon The Seat...

... Of A Bicycle Made For Two [Or More]
Recently Liz and Rosie were commuting home when they saw a Pedal-Me bike. This cycle taxi service has been operating in London since the start of the Year. Rosie was very taken with the "Special Bike" and has been watching out for them ever since.
So on my first afternoon London the other week, l went over to UCL to meet Liz from work. We collected Rosie from nursery and then Chris arrived on his taxi, to take Rosie and me home, with Liz bringing up the rear on her own bike.

It was enormous fun. Chris told me he'd been a rider for the company since March, explaining that he began "while we had the Beast from the East - this sunshine is much better" 
The bikes are built in the Netherlands [not surprisingly] and the P-M riders.go over to collect them, and ride them back, as that is the cheapest way to get them into the UK. They will transport people or goods, operating 8-8 on weekdays and 10-6 on Saturdays. Sunday is their Day of Rest [well done for that]

Liz booked with the app, and knew exactly when our bike would arrive, and the name of our rider. The ride was speedy and smooth. Rosie had a brilliant time, and so did I. We sat astride the comfortable padded bench, and could hold the side rails if we wanted [Ro occasionally stuck her arm out to signal when we were turning!] I did remove her shoes: the floor is not solid, but a series of tubes - I was concerned that if a small shoe fell off, it might fall through the gap.

It was a blistering hot day, but whizzing along on the bike was cool - I every sense. We attracted lots of admiring glances and Ro has developed a very regal wave, accompanied by smiles and giggles. 
I was particularly impressed by the route we took home, which is the girls' regular commute. 95% was on cycle paths and the London Cycle Superhighway. We had hardly any interaction with cars, buses or lorries. It was Rush Hour but I felt remarkably safe. It's reassured me to experience their daily journey and Liz was wise and thoughtful to organise that.
Enjoy this jolly little song from the Seventies... 


  1. That must have been a lot of fun! Rosie is adorable!

  2. What a great idea! I've seen a few bikes like this here in Toronto but not with passengers - just transporting goods. We do have pedi-bikes in the tourist areas - they can take 2 passengers but it's really more of a tour rather than a taxi service - and I have to say, haven't really seen many of them this summer.
    Your little redhead really looks like she enjoyed herself.

  3. It looks fun - but I would want to be wearing a helmet all the same. You look a bit vulnerable to me in that little trolley. But that's just me, being a pessimist!

  4. It was surprisingly smooth and stable. Rosie and I usually wear cycle helmets on bikes but we didn't on the Pedal-Me. It was an awfully hot day. I hadn't expected to feel as relaxed as I did. It was enormous fun!

  5. It looks wonderful! Just like getting a Becak in Java! I'm intrigued by the Super Highway.x


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