Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Fully Booked

Serious relaxation includes serious [and not so serious] reading time. Here's my stack, courtesy of Norfolk Libraries - Dereham and Fakenham branches.
From top to bottom. 
Seven Dead - a British Library Crime Classic by J Jefferson Farjeon. Not started this yet.
Numero Zero - by Umberto Eco. I loved "The Name Of The Rose" but gave up on this after one chapter.
Two by Peter James, from his Roy Grace detective series. Halfway through the purple one: Not dead yet [that's the title] Set around Brighton with plenty of detail of police procedure. ***
Making Peg Dolls And More. Great ideas,  clear instructions and templates but look
I don't want to seem picky, but none of these is a peg IMHO. But I will let her off because I think there are a lot of fresh interpretations and inspiring creations. 
I like the swallow marionette with the Thumbelina inside it, based on the Hans Christian Andersen story. There's a similar dragon too. 

The Comfort Friends, filled with soothing lavender are sweet, along with a similar tooth fairy cushion. And you will find Christmas decorations, cake toppers and more. This gets a definite *****
Happy Stitch. Jodie Rackley's 30 projects are well explained but nothing particularly innovative ***
Everything Oz is a great book from the team who produced 'Everything Alice' [review here] It's full of great patterns for items to make for a Wizard of Oz themed event. Foods, favours, fun stuff. Some is rather trivial, some very time consuming to create. But I love the book for this one item... if you make lime jelly with tonic water instead of regular water then it will glow in the dark under ultra violet light! I cannot wait to try this out *****
Wild Things to Make is a follow up to an earlier book [reviewed here] Very similar ideas [dresses, capes, pinafores etc] Good stuff - but Rosie is not in need of any more clothes right now ****
Sew classic clothes for girls [details]  comes from the author of the Cottage Mama Blog. There's an accompanying CD with all the patterns. It's intermediate /advanced level sewing. Good tips re piping etc. But the designs are a bit too 'girlie' for me. ***
I cannot review the bottom two yet as I still haven't looked at them! 


  1. Weird fact about the jelly - look forward to your pictures.
    I've read Seven Dead - don't remember a thing about it.
    Haven't tried Peter James off to look him up.

  2. I picked up a PJ for 20p in a CS recently so thought I'd try some more. He's a new author to me but clearly been writing for years.

  3. My views on Prague Cemetery are well known and I gave up twice on that boat the day before thing after barely a chapter. Hooray for Name of the Rose!

  4. I like Cottage Mama's fabric but it's super expensive to ship it to Canada :0(

  5. Maybe the author used the term "peg" meaning a "round, cylindrical piece of wood", which is the definition of "peg" I found online. :)

  6. Bless, I think you are absolutely right. I have always thought of peg-dolls being made from clothes pegs [clothespins] but 'peg' can often be just a short cylinder of wood [hat peg, tent peg etc etc] Thanks for the explanation x


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