Saturday, 11 August 2018

Happy Holiday - Week One

Holidays mean the chance to relax
Stacks of books from the local library
Candlelit suppers [cooked by Bob] 
A new charity shop jigsaw to do
Time to repair things properly 
[what sort of woman takes her awl on holiday? ] 
Planning the decorating of the Futility Room
Our sermons to prepare for 12th & 19th

Lawns to mow
Cupboards to sand
And a trip to the cinema
Lunch with a relative
BBQ for family and neighbours
Pottering round Fakenham Market
Eating Sicilian arancini on Norwich Market
Strolling around charity shops
Watching TV
Enjoying knitting and embroidery
Appreciating sun, rain, rainbows and glorious sunsets
...and waiting for Liz, Jon and Rosie to arrive... 


  1. I hope you enjoy all of it - but I'll bet that the last bit is the best!

  2. Lovely times ahead. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Enjoy being able to get things done, to being entertained and your visitors - sounds as though you have the perfect balance sorted.

  4. All sounds like a holiday that fits you perfectly. Have a great time


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