Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Home From Home

The holiday is over and we're leaving Cornerstones and travelling back to Dorset. We've managed to spend time together relaxing, as well of plenty of happy days with the family, and time with friends at church.
This time last week Rosie was sitting on a blanket at their cottage - Adrian and Jon had removed all the horrid stained carpets. Now Jon and Bob have laid some decent laminate flooring and it's all looking splendid [I forgot to take pictures]
Bob and I have put in some time on the refurb of the Futility Room.
Bob has removed the end of the worktop and rearranged the appliances. This is to make space for the fridge freezer currently in Dorset. 
The plain white melamine wall cupboards, which we bought cheaply in B&Q more than twenty years ago have been utterly transformed. It's over a year since we started planning and bought the paint from Wilko for this project.
Now the walls are grey, and the duck egg blue cupboards are rehung. On the opposite wall, we have a rail of hooks. An eclectic mix of sizes, acquired in CS and Yard Sales here and there - ready for coats, hats, aprons and more. 
There's more to do - drawer and cupboard fronts to be painted blue, and the light fitting to be changed [my lovely metal shades from Kirby repainted in a gunmetal grey] The dry wipe board to be replaced by a blackboard, and a roller towel fixed on the back of the door. The windowsill will be tiled properly. And all of those tasks involve repainting or repurposing things we already have. I'm so pleased with the rests achieved on such a tight budget. I'm hoping that by the New Year it will be complete [not specifying which New Year though] 

One task we didn't complete - the decking is starting to sag. At last I've found a use for the Garden Draughts set! The interlocking pieces are marking out the unsafe area until we can repair it. 
All in all I think that we've managed to get a good balance of housekeeping and holiday here in our Norfolk home, but I'm ready to return to our Dorset one now. 


  1. Well done, you have a lovely useful and pretty room now....and all done on holiday too! I love the duck egg blue.

  2. Looks like some great progress has been made. Well done guys x x

  3. Well done for what you achieved. I LOVE your cupboard doors!

  4. You accomplished a lot! I like that rail of hooks!


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