Tuesday 19 May 2020

A New Banksy?

Not everyone likes his work -but I think Banksy produces very clever, thought provoking pieces. The newest is in the hospital in Southampton, celebrating the true superheroes of our time - Spiderman and Batman relegated to the wpb, whilst a caped nurse flies through the air.

But as well as a new Banksy painting , I've just come across a new Banksy style artist - called Rebel Bear. Apologies if you have known about him forever, he's only just popped up on my screen...
Like Banksy, his previous work has been fun, sometimes tongue in cheek, often with a political point to make. From Scotland, his take on the longstanding Celtic/Rangers rivalry
The apparent childish behaviour of some political leaders
And the way society treats the homeless...
And thoughts on what people mean by "Free"

And now, in Glasgow, three covid19 related works have appeared

What do you think of them ? Which do you like best ?


  1. I think they are well done. The most hard hitting to me is the one with the western boy protesting for free wifi. I like the subversive ridiculing of authoritatrain leaders. I note that the Pope has the 'Protestant Rangers scarf and the Queen the Catholic Celtic scarf. Presumably thats the point - they are both smiling as they play.

  2. Being totally ignorant of football, I hadn't spotted that clever detail. I like the picture though (I suspect HM and the Pope would smile too)

  3. Aren't they clever! I love hearing about artists and this is very thought-provoking stuff. It would be interesting to discuss these with a class of children. I'm even tempted to take a picture of the new Banksy one (and the Free Wifi one) and share it with the teachers in school and see if they want to get the children to complete some work about it!

    1. Good idea! My neighbour is a midwife working in the Southampton Hospital, she's actually seen the Banksy in situ

  4. I couldn't quite tell what the one political leader was playing with - one is building his wall, the other is playing with his rocket and the third one?

  5. Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, appears to be sticking crayons in his ears and up his nose!


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