Friday, 1 May 2020

What A Wet Week !

The weather has really changed this week. Yesterday there were hailstones in Norfolk, Liz said. It has certainly been colder and damper here. I am logging the highest temperature each day, for my weather scarf - I now have 21 days noted since my birthday. I really must get around to ordering the wool and start knitting it! 
I made chicken stew with dumplings one day, it felt so wintry. Bob cooked a huge batch of ragu on Tuesday, to go in the freezer. The kitchen was warm and cosy even if outside was wet and miserable.
I am afraid that my 'daily cycle ride' hasn't happened for the last couple of days - although I did go outside to deliver bears, and to post a letter, and to clap for the NHS with the neighbours.
But what about those people who are being 'shielded'? - the ones who had official letters telling them to stay inside for 12 weeks. How frustrating for them. I moaned about my difficulties in Waitrose - but these people don't even have the opportunity to go into a shop, to walk to the post box, or collect their own prescriptions. 
We have a number of 12-weekers in our church family [should that be 12-weakers?] 

We didn't want them to feel neglected. They have phone buddies and get regular chats, but that's not like seeing a friendly face. On Wednesday morning, in the pouring rain, Bob drove round to each one and delivered a gift from the church to show they weren't forgotten. Baskets of hyacinths and tins of biscuits. He put the gift by the door, rang the bell, then stepped back 2 metres. I sat in the car, with the list [working out the most efficient route] and watched him, standing on sodden front paths, rain dripping from the brim of his hat, as he chatted to our friends. They were all so appreciative.
People tell me that the rain is good for the gardens, and others point out that it deters the idiots who want to congregate on beaches and hillsides, but I hope we get more sunshine soon. Not least because I like to peg my washing outside to dry on my whirligig dryer. But my whirligig story will have to wait for another day.
Perhaps the wet weather has driven more people to shelter in Blogland - welcome to the considerable number of new readers who have dropped by in recent days!


  1. Us gardeners really did need rain, but now it can stop again please.
    What a lovely gift your church has given to your elderly members

  2. Both you and Bob have such kind hearts! I hope you get some sunshine soon. :)

  3. We are two of the 12 weekers, and there are times when I long to go out just to post a letter! But there are ways round everything, and our lovely postmen will always take letters. I'm so pleased that I stocked up on stamps before the price rise.
    I think a Cloud song sounds perfect!

  4. Blessings to you and your church!

  5. I was very happy to have a full water butt again but I'd like a week between rain so I can keep filling it up again after using it for a week!
    How lovely to deliver the plants and biscuits- such a sweet gesture. I am delighted to hear about you making pyjamas for all the bears- SUCH a wonderful thing to do!

  6. I was so glad to see the rain our garden was parched. What a lovely gift - I am sure the recipients will have been so grateful for your efforts. It is sunny outside today so could be a lovely weekend.


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