Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Good News From Norfolk!

We took delivery of a parcel from Norwich yesterday. The people at "Norwich Books and Music"  - which was formerly trading under the less informative name "Hymns Ancient and Modern" are doing a great deal on the new NIV Bible Speaks Today study bible, which was published two weeks ago.
We both use the NIV as our primary Bible version when preparing sermons, and the BST Commentary series has been one of our go-to reference resources for well over 35 years. Many of the contributing authors were Bob's tutors at Spurgeon's College, and remain good friends.
It is almost 30 years since I got a new Bible - and this one is half the weight of that mighty tome! NBM are currently offering the hardback at the price of the paperback. 
I like to have a Bible which is strong and hardwearing*
I have no idea when I shall be able to do any lay preaching again - for so long I have been reguIarly going out and taking services. I really do miss visiting the little chapels and sharing the good news of the Gospel - and I am conscious that lots of those small fellowships are struggling to keep connected and share in worship right now.
But this new book looks to be a useful tool - and I know it will be well used. by both of us - possibly in ways we cannot even dream of right now. 
There are outlines to books, footnotes, cross references, maps, and even discussion questions for personal and group study. And a great introduction by Krish Kandiah

*I love this quote, attributed to Charles Spurgeon - although I haven't been able to locate the exact source

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