Wednesday, 13 May 2020

On Yer Bike!

Thank you Dave Walker for putting it so clearly. Even Ferndown [not a city] is mostly a good place to pedal around in my lockdown exercise moments. However...
I hope that if the government is serious about getting more people out there on their bikes, they listen to the cyclists. It isn't just about the ciders wearing HiViz vests and helmets...
Wouldn't it be wonderful, if one of the outcomes of this strange time is that our towns and cities became much safe places for people to cycle? We cannot turn this country into a cycle-friendly place, like The Netherlands, overnight. A few painted lines, or cones or temporary bollards are just a stopgap measure - the longterm infrastructure needs to be considered carefully.
Manchester had already begun planning the Bee Network before we pedalled into this Covid Wilderness. I hope those plans are not shelved, and that other cities take note now 
[Thank you Dave Walker, for your brilliant cartoons]


  1. This is so true! Cycling in the city is DANGEROUS! Even just cycling up the High Road from school to the station up to London is unsafe. There are always idiots in their 4 by 4's with their wheels firmly in the cycle lane and I cannot get past!

  2. Let us hope things will be better in days ahead. Interested to read about the progress being made back in Leicester for cyclists.

  3. We really do need to do more to make cycling safer. I also wish there was a campaign to encourage more people to cycle on the roads rather than the paths. It is completely understandable for children not to be cycling on the roads but it really makes me cross when those quite old enough to cycle on the roads insist on cycling on the paths. In order to keep social distancing these last few weeks I have had to walk on the road on numerous occasions to make way for a cyclist on the path!

  4. While I do agree that city's need to do more - and Toronto has done a lot to expand bicycle lanes etc. I would also like to make a point from a pedestrian's point of view - and a pedestrian who walks with the aid of a cane.
    City cyclists are the bane of my existence - I dread the summer because of them. I have been sworn at, verbally abused and physically threatened - all because I have objected to adult cyclist riding on the sideWALKS even when cycling lanes are right there! The law in Toronto is that no one under the age of 14 is allowed to ride on the sidewalk - this is ignored over and over again. Even those riders who use the roads & cycling lanes routinely ignore red lights, stop signs, cross-walks etc. etc.
    And please don't tell me that i am exaggerating - I am usually out of the house and all over the downtown area 7 days a week and it is often a nightmare - especially as there are more and more couriers being used for food deliveries. And it is the same in parks - because the sideWALKS are often closer to a garden or the lake cyclists barrel right through the walkers - their lanes are there - just a few feet further over but that's not good enough.
    I have been almost hit - hit - one friend was taken away in an ambulance and another acquaintance was killed - all by cyclists completely disregarding the law.
    I am in favour of expanding bike lanes and I do sympathize with what they have to deal with from some drivers - but that shouldn't give them the right to completely disregard the health and safety of pedestrians! Sorry for the rant - I was beeped at yesterday while out for my walk by a cyclists who wanted me to get off the sidewalk so she could pass me - she was well over 14!

  5. This is a really touchy issue. I appreciate that there are some cyclists who are not considerate of others. But there are also a lot of pedestrians who walk in the cycle lanes in my town, where there are split pavements - and where the cycle lane is part of the roadway, there are drivers who drive into the cycle lanes. I was almost hit by a lorry as I cycled in a cycle lane last year, it was very scary. We need better infrastructure, well planned, well separated routes for pedestrians, cyclists AND drivers [such as they have in Holland]. At different times I am in each of those three roles, and I do my best to be considerate of other road users. The majority of cyclists do their best, as do the majority of car drivers. We should not let the bad behaviour of a few prevent us from improving things for the many.

  6. I have also be sworn at by cyclists in Norwich. I was run into walking through the pedestrian area by the Market which is now legally shared with cyclists. Mad Council decision. My brother who had a stroke is fearful of walking in Norwich city centre because of the cyclists. Many cycle lanes have been provided in Norfolk at tax payers expense and cyclists refuse to use them.

    1. I'd noticed the cyclists in Norwich Market too. I think "shared spaces" don't work, they need to be properly segregated. Mind you, I have just come back from a cycleride, and there is one alley which IS neatly divided- and a couple ahead of me were walking, one in each section. I slowed up, and gave them plenty of space - but when they got to the pavement at the end , they BOTH stepped off and walked down the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. By this point there were two other cyclists approaching fast behind me, so I rang my bell to alert them. The pedestrians seemed very cross, as if I had no place there!


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