Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Get Knotted! [But With Style]

I do like scarves. They can brighten up a dull outfit, make a simple dress look stylish - and keep your neck warm in winter. I have got lots of scarves- mostly gifts, or family hand-me-downs. Long ones, square ones, fine ones, warm ones, in wool, cotton, silk [or artificial silk] Steph gave me one of those loopy scarf holders, and it is useful for keeping them together and accessible. 
But my scarf collection is paltry in comparison to that of Doctor Deborah Birx, who is President Trump's "Corona Taskforce Co-ordinator" .  Lady Hale, President of the British Supreme Court wowed us with her amazing brooch collection last September, and now this Doctor is doing similar Stateside with her neckwear.
When asked about this feature of her wardrobe, she explained that her job involved a lot of travelling- but she prefers to take a small suitcase. She noticed that the men had a couple of suits, but lots of bright ties to ring the changes with their appearance, and decided to make silk scarves her signature look. She alters the drape and the fold and the knot - achieving hundreds of variations on a theme.
This has captured the public imagination, and somebody has even set up an instagram page, cataloguing the styles.
At least she has something with which to cover her embarrassment if her boss makes any more bizarre statements about injecting with Domestos. I don't think she has a very easy job right now. Perhaps the scarf styles are there to distract us from what is being said at the podium...


  1. Yes, bless her. She must want to bury herself in them a lot of the time.

  2. Poor her- how to keep a straight face when the president is broadcasting to millions, a way of committing suicide!
    She has some nice scarves- reminds me of all the ways you could tie your neck tie in Regency times like this one

    I think most women have many scarves as they are a thing that it is common to give as presents as it is harder to 'get it wrong' with a scarf rather than a garment! I also have a myriad scarves which I enjoy wearing - most of which have been presents! Why don't you do a post of you wearing all your different scarves in different ways- that would be fun!

  3. Our Toronto health expert is the same - she has a huge collection and yes, it is something that women do so that they can stick to just the basics in their wardrobes. I saw it and practised it when I worked in the corporate sector.

    Of course, I do think that Dr. Birx does use her's as a bit of a way to "hide" - there was a funny "doctored " photo hiding behind about a dozen scarves as Trump asked her that bit about disinfecting people! How she keeps from totally losing it is beyond me. I can't wait for the books that she and Dr. Fauci finally get to write a few years from now!

  4. Poor lady, she must have a hard time refraining from even raising an eyebrow at his idiocies.
    Some very chic scarves too.

  5. I think we're all agreed that she is a stylish lady with a tough job...

  6. I've used this video as inspiration for scarf tying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LYAEz777AU

  7. That's a fun video. Lots of those are for long thin scarves [I have them] but I notice Dr Birx seems to prefer silk squares. I like that the video shows all the different styles at the end.

  8. I like the scarves. It can't be easy being in the public eye like that. I don't envy any of these people. Tough job.


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