Thursday 21 May 2020

Say Cheese!

It's National Smile Month- it began on Monday and runs till June 18th. It is run by the Oral Health Foundation [formerly the British Dental Health Foundation] and this charity has been around for fifty years
I never knew that!
This charity has an annual smile month, during which they seek to promote the oral health of the nation. Did you know that one quarter of British children under 5 has tooth decay? And that dental operations are the biggest reason for young children needing anaesthetics in hospital?
The OHF is trying to make people aware of things we can all do to improve oral health.
Young or old, we should all see the dentist regularly [once they reopen, that is] 
Good brushing is important. This year I gave Bob a new toothbrush instead of an Easter Egg.
Too much sugar affects our health from the moment we put it in our mouths
My own dentist is obsessed with flossing.
I keep a bottle of mouthwash in the downstairs loo as well as the bathroom, for a quick refresh.
You can read more about Smile Month and the OHF on their website
As well as promoting good health hygiene through this special month, the OHF works all year, and the charity goes into schools, OAP groups, and other community spaces to help people care for their teeth. They work with groups like Shelter, to support homeless people who often have no access to dental care, and with food charities to promote good nutrition. They provide education about mouth cancers. Globally they support The Mercy Ships providing dental care around the world. Right now they are promoting an online resource to help families who are home schooling to include oral health in their kitchen table curriculum, with cartoon character Dental Buddy
On June 3rd, it is the Great British Brushathon - learn more here
National Smite Month began in 1977, and every year since has included a poem competition. That first year, they asked a well known poet to contribute a piece, and Pam Ayres' "I wish I'd looked after me teeth" has since become a classic- named in the top 10 of the Nation's Favourite Poems.
Well fancy that! I've known the poem all that time, and visited my dentist regularly, and taught my children to use a toothbrush etc, and even been called "that Supply Teacher who is always smiling" - but I never knew about NSM till now. And now you know too...

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  1. I am very grateful that I had my 6 month check-up at the dentist just prior to lockdown! I am lucky to have insurance that covers most of my costs so it is something that I don't skimp on.


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