Sunday 3 May 2020

Just A Teaspoonful

Every Sunday, at 10am, ever since we had to find new ways to worship because the buildings were shut, I have been going to church "in Norfolk" via a Conference Call. We have a brief 30 minute service, over the telephone. Around 30 of us from the little Foulsham Chapel are involved in the service. 
Jane always organises the prayers- and she has worked hard to make it meaningful. After all, when you are worshipping on the phone, what do you look at? Some of the time I close my eyes, but it is easy to get distracted if I don't.
Last week, she asked us all beforehand to bring a teaspoon to the phone. She reminded us that in recipes you are often asked to add a teaspoonful of sugar, or essence, or herbs...But that in the books, they rarely spell out teaspoonful - it is usually abbreviated to tsp. Her suggestion was that whenever we encounter a teaspoon - in a recipe book, or with a cup and saucer, whatever, we should use it as a reminder to pray. She said that TSP is a good mnemonic for Thankyou, Sorry, Please...Three of the most common sorts of prayer. 
As we looked at the spoons we were holding, Jane said some prayers from these three categories. Such a simple idea, but a helpful reminder. Thanks Jane.
The link for today's UCF service is here


  1. That is a wonderful! Rather like my ACTS way of praying!

  2. The simplest ideas are good...


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