Saturday 23 May 2020

Bee Thoughtful

I love bees! They are utterly fascinating I had planned to do a post for World Bee Day on Wednesday and then forgot until the evening when a friend mentioned it on Facebook and reminded me of Brian Bilston's great poem
The Last Bee
After the last ee
had uzzed its last uzz
the irds and the utterflies
did what they could.
ut soon the fields lay are
few flowers were left
nature was roken
and the planet ereft
rian ilston
Country Living magazine has a helpful piece about Bee First Aid. Honeybees and wild bees are usually left to their own device, but there are three specific situations where human intervention can help
Rescuing a drowning bee - If a bee is in water, use anything flat [large leaf, lid, trowel] to life it out. Leave the bee in full sun and offer a little sugar water
Reviving an exhausted bee - Bees affected by bad weather can be helped by a sugar water solution [ratio of 1:1] Do not offer supermarket honey, it can pass on diseases into the bee population [although not harmful to humans] And do not leave out sugar solution at other times - it may prevent bees looking for the nectar in the flowers.
Rescuing a bee from a house or car -  firstly do not waft!  Bees will see rapid arm movements as a threat. Just leave window or door open and the bee will find its own way out. Alternatively [as with spiders] Put a glass over the insect, slide a piece of card underneath. Carry the glass outside and release the bee to fly away.
Then Philip alerted me to a great little clip on the BBC news website about our ingenious  apian friends. 

Bee Thoughtful, and Bee Blessed!



  1. That was interesting to find out that the bumble bees triggered the plants to flower early!

  2. I love bees! That poem is very clever too.


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