Monday, 4 May 2020

One For The Pot

We continue to enjoy freshly baked bread, and homemade yogurt, and my herb patch is giving us sage, chives, rosemary and loads of mint. I'm enjoying sharing pictures of the meals we are making with Liz and Steph [and other friends] Liz mentioned using her Le Creuset pot as a bread tin. It was actually one of my wedding presents, so it is 40 years old, but it produces a beautiful round well risen loaf for her.
I decided to try this in one of my LCs - a smaller one.  I didn't quite get the method right - she proves hers in the mixing bowl, whilst the pot is heating up inside the oven. And she leaves the lid on initially. But my loaf tasted fine, even if not so well risen- it was 50/50 strong bread flour/plain flour.
I made the dough in my Kenwood Chef, and baked the bread in the regular oven. These two didn't get anywhere near the breadmaker!
Having discovered a stack of 3 cans of chickpeas lurking at the bottom of the larder cupboard behind my empty biscuit tins, I have decided we should have some falafels this week.
I plan to serve them in 'slider buns'. Liz made some at the weekend for serving pulled pork. She linked me to the recipe- which bizarrely requires custard powder! I suspect that is to provide [a] cornflour and [b] yellow colour. Hers look great. Check out the recipe here


  1. Your bread looks delicious. :)

  2. I'm a really big bread fan!!!! These look delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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