Wednesday 27 May 2020

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Happy birthday Liz. It is hard to believe that we haven't been together for five months. This picture of you and Rosie in the Norfolk sunshine last week is so lovely. I keep looking at it and smiling.
Your resilience through this lockdown time has been amazing. I'm in awe of all the mothers out there who are managing to work full-time from home right now, whilst still caring for lively pre-schoolers. 
You've been brilliant about keeping us in touch via WhatsApp and Zoom etc. We have enjoyed telling Rosie bedtime stories, and sharing pictures of our activities.
My breadmaking skills have developed enormously since March- and you have encouraged and helped with that, sharing tips and swapping recipes and pictures.
Despite claiming you are 'not crafty' we have seen so many pictures [and heard her reports] of Rosie's activities with paint, and recycling, and "junk modelling" as well as learning to cook. Your daughter can now prepare as many meals as the average student arriving at Uni!
And Steph has found your support and wisdom immeasurable, through the difficult end-of-pregnancy, birth, and early days of motherhood, whilst isolated in this Time Of Covid. You've always been there for her, and even at a distance you are a fantastic 'big sister'
Thank you for all the joy you have brought to us for over three decades. I miss you SO much, but I am sure Jon and Ro will fill your day with love, and cake...
God bless you today and always - we love you and cannot wait till we are all together again.


  1. What a lovely birthday message, and a gorgeous photo. Happy birthday Liz.

  2. How lovely. Happy birthday to your pretty daughter!

  3. Many happy returns of the day to your daughter! That's a lovely photo of her and Rosie!

  4. What a lovely post - happy birthday to Liz.

  5. Lovely picture! This has been a hard time for so many people, let's hope that families can be reunited again soon - but not before it's safe to do so. X


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