Friday 20 November 2020

A Close Shave

I don't usually promote specific products, unless I think they are very good. And I would never accept payment from a company in exchange for promoting something. But here's an item I read about in September, and treated myself to in October - and now feel it's worth mentioning. It's as girl thing - so blokes out there may wish to go and watch Big Clive on YouTube instead.

I've got a new razor. For fifty years I have tried various methods of removing unwanted hair - depilatory creams which dissolve, rotating epilators which grab the hairs and rip them out, razors with 1/2/3/4/5 blades which shave and cut....[I am a coward, I have never had waxing, and too mean to pay for laser treatment] Honestly the best results for my legs and armpits have been achieved with a low tech razor. BUT I resent paying the "pink tax" - women's razors always cost more. For a long time, I've kept a cheap pack of plastic disposable razors in the bathroom cabinet. But that goes against all my attempts at being green.

Sali Hughes, in the Guardian, lauded the Estrid Razor. A Swedish design, it is vegan [what?!? You can't mean a razor made of carrots and not bacon?] It is vegan  because the lubrication strip is aloe vera and other plant based lubricants like cocoa butter and shea butter. The handle is steel - and ergonomically designed to feel good in your hand, with a rubber underside. And it's recyclable.

The starter kit includes a handle, two blade cartridges and a suction cup to mount the razor on the wall. At £7.95 it is half the price of other similar products. And there is the option of subscribing to get replacement cartridges [you choose the frequency] You can choose from a selection of five cool colours, I opted for peach. 

I am really pleased with my new razor, it certainly does the job efficiently and painlessly. You can read more about the Estrid here 
It was created by women to meet a perceived need. But there's more to it than that. From every purchase from the company - starter kits, replacement cartridges and their other products a donation goes to one of three women's charities. Estrid support Kvinna till Kvinna, Terre Des Femmes and the Fawcett Society   - all groups which work to educate, emancipate and empower women, as well as fight FGM and other cruel practices. 

This ticks so many boxes for me. So I thought I'd mention might want to put it on your Christmas list


  1. It sounds great! I must confess rhat I'm still usinh the pack of plastic razors that someone gave me in a Christmas present 10 years ago- I'm not going to throw them out as that wouldn't be eco friendly. The one I'm currently using has been in use for about a year and a half. Is that too long? it seems to get rid of the hairs.

    1. If it works and it isn't rusty, keep using it.

  2. The razor does sound like a worthy product so I'll remember it.


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