Friday 6 November 2020

Weather You Like It Or Not

I thought it was about time I shared the progress of my weather scarf. I note the peak temperature in Ferndown every day, and have allocated specific shades to the different temperatures.** I am about 7/12 of the way through. I began it on my birthday{April 10th] and here is the knitting up until Bob's birthday [4th November] I am happy to report that things are going to plan - at 42", it is on track to be the 72" length I had decided was most versatile.

You can see that April and May had sunny, warm days [yellow and red] interspersed with cooler patches [greens and blues] The photo seems to show the first few inches of the scarf as narrower. I don't know why - they aren't.
During my exile in Norfolk, Ferndown enjoyed lots of sun and heat - the temperature got well into the 30s and I had to buy another shade of yarn - a flame like orange called Asphodel. But as I returned to Dorset at the end of August, the weather started to turn.
The last few weeks have been much cooler, and since 22nd September the daily peak temperature has never reached 20° and the shades have all been blues and greens. I've one more shade of yarn, an icy blue, yet to use. 
This is proving a fascinating project. I usually knit a week's worth at a time. Two rows per day - and with colour changes, I will only carry a yarn up the side over two rows- usually I cut off and join in a new strand. This has meant a lot of ends to darn in. 
I had no idea when I began planning this "record of a year in Ferndown" that it was going to be quite such a significant and strange twelvemonth. It may yet end up being renamed
"The Pandemic Scarf"
**FYI I'm using Kate Davies' Millarorchy Tweed in ten shades- so 2 or 3 degrees to each colour. 33 stitches on #12/2.75mm needles, in a reversible k1p1 moss stitch. This site is where I get my data. 


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