Friday 13 November 2020

For The Children

Tonight is the annual BBC Children In Need event. This started in 1927 on the radio [first year raised £1,300 - equivalent of £70K today], and in 1955 moved to the TV screens. In 1980 the 'CIN telethon' was born and that first show raised £1M. In 1985 Pudsey Bear became the mascot. 
And in 2007 he had a makeover, and his bandage became multi-coloured. From 1988-2014, Sir Terry Wogan was the chief presenter - and after his death in 2016, a special award in his name was intriduuced for fundraisers who had really 'gone the extra mile'. The charity continues to raise millions - and in 2018, the sum raised topped one billion pounds.
There have been high publicity star studded events- the Rickshaw Challenge, the Countryfile Ramble, Joe Wicks' PE marathons etc - and small scale efforts - schoolchildren holding bakesales or walking round the playground a hundred times. I've lost count of the years I have gone in to a school on Supply wearing fancy dress. 
In my last year in Leicester, 2014, I made Seven Superhero capes for my colleagues. This year it is all going to be so different - covid19 and lockdown have scuppered a lot of plans. I have two grandchildren now [and a new great niece born just last week]. I am just as passionate about the needs of children, and concerned for those without the advantages enjoyed by the little ones in my family. I'm grateful to all who give, whether time or money, in support of the children in need.

So I am particularly thrilled that Steph and George are involved in tomorrow nights programme. The Mums&Babies dance group to which they belong are performing a dance routine   Above is a brief clip of them dancing on Zoom - Steph and George are left -hand side, row 4. On the CIN programme tonight, there should be a clip of them dancing together [socially distanced!] which was recorded before Lockdown#2
You can find out where the money goes, and how it genuinely makes a difference to children's lives from the CIN website. This year many charities [not just child-centred ones] have really struggled to keep going. 
I hope that the people who can afford to give are generous - and those who need to receive will be supported - and that all will be blessed in the process.


  1. I had no idea that the BBC Children in Need fundraiser was so old.

  2. Good morning, I was a family support worker for families in crisis in East Sussex for 10 years before I retired and that post was funded by Children in Need. It was a much needed service in areas of deprivation, which a lot of people don't think exist in leafy, mostly affluent East Sussex. I loved my job and felt it did offer some genuine support for those in need. I urge everyone to support Children in Need because I can vouch that the money is not wasted and it helps keep schemes and support networks to survive and offer some joy and hope to children who quite often don't get any. Thank you for highlighting this good cause. Regards Sue H.

    1. Thank you Sue for sharing this positive affirmation of the charity, and thank you for all YOU have done to help children and their families over the years


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