Wednesday 4 November 2020

Happy Birthday, Grandad Bob!

I looked back to last year's birthday post. I'd used a picture of Rosie listening to a bedtime story from Grandad. [She loves hearing Bob tell her stories- sitting together on the sofa, or watching onscreen]. I said " may God fill the year ahead with many blessings and moments of joy, and surround you with love and peace" God has done that - despite covid19, and some hard times.

The greatest blessing has to be the safe arrival of baby George.

It brought us so much joy to meet him properly in the summer. People say he's beginning to look like his grandad too [determined expression, very little hair]

I have no idea what lies ahead for us in the next twelve months - but I hope there soon will be more opportunities to be family together. Despite the current restrictions, I'll do my best to make today a Happy Birthday for you. May your day be full of love and cake 💗🍰

Thank you for being there, Bob, you are truly my rock, my soul-mate, my better half. 


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