Monday 9 November 2020

Well Done, Joe!

In the UK, if you lose an election, you move out straightaway. In the USA, the President stays in place till January. It does seem that Trump does not believe he should be going. I am not sure what will happen in coming days - but I pray there will be no civil unrest, and that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be able to pick up their new roles.

I'll never forget those little American children in London two years ago carrying their placards. Their mothers said the girls had chosen their own slogans - Love Trumps Hate - Don't be nasty, Trump, and "America, I love you, I hope you get better soon"

And may God bless America. 

Do check out Joe Biden's tweet from Saturday if you have not seen it yet


  1. I'm so relieved and happy for America that this animosity-breeding joker is out of office. I'm amazed how many people voted for him considering how vitriolic he is. I pray to God that, for the first time in his life, he will submit gracefully to doing the right thing rather than this toddler-like charade we've seen so far.

  2. In the coming days, the states will appoint their representatives to the Electoral College, which will meet - "on the first Monday following the second Wednesday in December" at their state capitals to cast their vote for the president and vice-president. In brief, what we, the voters, elect during the November general elections are those who will represent us at the Electoral College and vote to elect the president and vice president. Which is why there was such a focus on the number of electoral votes the candidates received. There are 538 electors and 270 electoral votes are required to obtain a clear majority. I find it all quite fascinating. :)

    1. Thank you for your explanation. I hope things are going smoothly, and especially that there is calm on the streets

  3. I was so happy to hear the result on Saturday and enormously relieved! If I felt like that as a person living in the UK I can only imagine the joy an American must have felt.
    Kamala Harris gave a wonderful speech too.
    Good luck to both of them, praying for a smooth handover. Glad to see the back of the Toddler Tyrant!


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