Tuesday 17 November 2020

Friends And Family

I'm  busy working on another memory bear. This time not shirts, but some fabric from a grandmother's dresses and her quilting stash. With each bear I make, I learn something new. One of these fabrics is a lot thinner- so I have put very lightweight iron on interfacing on the back to stop it going out of shape.  This has proved very successful. And after a few earlier errors in cutting out, I now lay out all my labelled pattern pieces before I begin - and have stamped the TOP of each with a smiley, to ensure I don't pin to the wrong side of the fabric.

George never made it onto the screen on Friday - I think he might have been on the little local slot in the Northwest - but certainly not the nationwide Children In Need show.
He's getting quite mobile now

Rosie is getting very good using the camera on her Mum's phone. She took a selfie, then edited it to black and white. You can see the concentration on her face. The wind has blown her curls every which way. And she took a great picture of her Mum too, as they went out for a walk on a blustery day. 

Like many of you, I continue to be grateful that we can keep in touch easily and frequently with loved ones via phones and the internet. Yesterday was my brother's birthday and we were able to chat last night. I remember being a student, and taking a huge stack of 2p coins into the call box at the end of the road, to ring Mum and Dad on a Sunday morning after church. At least today's young people can have almost instant contact with family if they need it. 

Hoping your family are well too, wherever they are...


  1. Ang, I met you and Liz last night in my dream! It was SO real! I came to your house in Norfolk and we had such a jolly time chatting! I was really sad when I woke up and realised it was just a dream. George looks such a sweetie and Rosie is growing up fast- what a clever little girl she is! I hope that all of you stay safe too. I am grateful for technology too.

  2. George is growing fast! He looks very serious, too. And Rosie is so clever! :)

    When I was at university, international phone calls were too expensive to make; I wrote a weekly aerogramme to my mother and step-father and they wrote one to me. I might have mentioned it, before, but, my step-father kept every single letter I wrote to them. I found them among his papers after he died. :)

    1. I wrote weekly letters to my parents when I was a student (a hundred miles seemed a long way away) When we moved house in the 80s I threw away the file containing all their letters to me. Now I wish I'd kept them!


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