Monday, 16 November 2020

Lining Up

 Lining is a word with many meanings

- there's lining up when we queue to get somewhere- and right now we are all socially distanced'

- and covered with lines - there were many wrinkles lining her forehead

- the inner layer of a garment - the jacket has a contrast lining. Many companies [Boden, Ted Baker etc] make a point of adding a fancy lining - but usually nobody sees it except the wearer. 

- marking the roads - here are men doing some white lining last Friday - just round the corner from my house. - 

- and then of course, there is the silver lining which is behind every cloud. This concept is supposed to have originated in Milton's poem Comus, which he wrote in 1634.

These past few days, we've had so much rain - the clouds have been grey and leaden. Lockdown Gloom has descended. Some of my good friends in Leicester couldn't celebrate their Diwali Festival of Light in the usual way. 

I decided I should ring everyone in our Church Directory, to check they were all OK in this second Lockdown [a mammoth task - I'm only about 50% through] I was so encouraged- people were bright and positive, thankful for supportive friends, concerned for others less fortunate than themselves. It was a really uplifting experience to speak to these dear people. So many of them talked about the good things which have come out of these bad times, the silver linings they have discovered in this Covidian Wilderness. Serenity, courage and wisdom - these are the characteristics which help us to find the silver linings. 


  1. Just before I read your blog I read Jackie at The Land of the Living Skies and she had written about psalms. I was put in mind of one of my favourite verses,
    "Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee:
    in whose heart are thy ways,
    Who going through the vale of misery use it for a well:
    and the pools are filled with water."
    It sounds as though your church members are truly blessed.

  2. I love the way your mind works and the way you segue so nearly into your main point. What a good thing to do to call everyone. I hope that they stay well. Just proves we do need others.

  3. I just finished participating in my Church's second phone around of the congregation and like you, was very pleasantly surprised to hear that most people were not only doing well, but were able to express gratitude for their own situation and concern for others. People really have stepped up and it was very heartening.

    As Kenzie said - I love the way that you follow a thread and lead us on another interesting journey - especially as related to words.

    Yes, November has finally arrived with a vengeance! We have been spoiled with beautiful, almost Summer like weather for the past two weeks, but that is now over and done. Yesterday we had pouring rain and extremely high winds - there are still power outages this morning. The trees are now looking very bare and we may get snow this evening. I've got some research to do for the office today (working from home) but first I'm going to put a pot of stew on - it's that kind of day!

  4. It's wonderful to hear that so many of the people you called sounded positive and finding that silver lining. When I was a child, just learning English, I thought the phrase was "a silver line in" every cloud. :D


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