Monday, 14 April 2008

All roads lead to foam!

After another lovely fresh-croissant-breakfast, the three of us went into the City. We ambled along, dodging hailstones, and I was really pleased to find a new Libby Purves novel that I hadn't read before in a charity shop, 41dUePrcBRL__SL160_AA115_ 'Love Songs and Lies'. Having woken early and read 'A Free Woman' right through from cover to cover I was pleased to have another LP to read. Feeling slightly guilty because we tidied up all the fiction on the bookcase a few weeks ago, and I didn't remember reading 'A Free Woman' even though it was there with all the other LP stuff. I am sure I did read it when I first acquired it.

I really enjoy Libby's books414F8C5DF5L__SL160_AA115_ , both fiction and non-fiction. I like the way she writes about her characters, and I find their situations believable. I would much rather read her stuff than that of Joanna Trollope. She's a bit more Argos than Aga.

Anyway, the weather brightened as we strolled up New Walk to the Museum. Bob took a photo of Steph and myself [she is the slim blonde on the right!] After a lunch of jacket potatoes in the Museum Cafe, we did the exhibits.

family Everything is undergoing a major refit - but I particularly enjoyed looking at the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year [2007] display. Some stunning pictures - from all round the world - including an excellent children's category.

Also enjoyed the photographs of old Leicester shops, including the sweetshop by the Market, and the Sewing Machine shop on Narborough Road. Leicester's Motto is "Semper Eadem - always the same" which is certainly true of many aspects of the place. Nothing ever changes. The first Luddites came from Leicester after all!

Then we went off to find the foam suppliers in Beaumont Leys, who were very helpful and supplied just what I need for my next major project, at what seemed a reasonable price. It did take a while to find the place though - but Steph was confident we would get there eventually, and made the pun in today's title.

Steph cooked our evening meal, then Bob took her to catch her train back to London, and I went to knitting group. There were two dozen there, including another new person. My friend Lesley has generously lent me one of her Rowan pattern books. I read knitting books like other women read recipe books - enjoying the pictures, pondering on the construction - but only ever actually producing a fraction of the items displayed.

The Archers was very satisfying this evening, another storyline neatly tied up. I am looking forward to the forthcoming episode when Phil and family all journey to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre [his birthday treat] We had thought that the three of us could go there today - but unfortunately it is closed on Mondays. We also discovered it costs £12 per adult, which seems a little expensive. I realise that these places have to be staffed and maintained - but for a family day out, which would inevitably include travel, parking, food, a guidebook and the obligatory visit to the Gift Shop, you are probably talking about spending £100 - which is a lot of money I think. Phil Archer and co are fictional, so it won't worry them!

Full marks to the Museum for being completely free, with a reasonably priced Cafe and lots of inexpensive items in the shop. Full marks too to the children of Barwell Junior School and their staff. There was a busload of them on a school trip to the Museum and their behaviour was impeccable.I must be turning into a grumpy old woman - I cannot stand it when children on trips behpork pie2ave badly!

Steph texted to say she was home safe - but had left a pork pie in the fridge, and could we please post it to her?

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