Friday, 25 April 2008

Pressed for time!

The new iron has just been put through its paces, and thus far come through with flying colours. It's a Rowenta DG7140G0. rowenta dg7140 iron I read all the very positive reviews on Amazon, but actually bought it online from the Co-op, who were doing a great offer last week so I paid less than half the Amazon price.

Conclusions -I have just done a whole basket of ironing, and it was much quicker than usual, as the john Lewis website said. Most of the time I worked on 50% steam - but turned it to full power for denim, linen and Bob's Oxford twill shirt [I HATE ironing them!] It was easy to use, and very effective.

Calculations - if it only lasts for five years, it is going to cost me 30p a week - but if it saves me just half an hour a week in ironing time, it is well worth it. So this seems good economy - it should last a lot longer than hat.

Considerations - Rowenta recommend a mesh ironing board - well that is OK because mine is mesh. But you do need somewhere to rest the base unit. I iron in a bedroom and there is plenty of room for the board in front of the dressing table, where I have stationed the base unit. It is important to rest the iron on the base when not in use, and the instructions warn against putting it on anything metal. My current ironing board has a metal rest - and force of habit meant I was concerned I would put it down there by mistake. Currently the rest is wrapped in a towel until I get it removed. When using 100% steam, it does become a little sauna-like - but not enough to concern me. Perhaps I should combine ironing with some sort of facial which requires steam?

This is scary - I have just realised my review of the new iron has three alliterative points. Is there some sort of sermon-preparation gene I have inherited from my parents and grandparents ? I must press on! [Phil 3:12]

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