Sunday, 20 April 2008

First service of the day

Some Sunday mornings it actually all comes together beautifully. Like today - it is 9.15am and everything is ready and I am just waiting for Bob to call me to go to church. The morning service on Radio 4 was great - do listen to it, on BBC website, if you can.

The sermon was all about God's strength made perfect in our weakness. There was an incredibly moving testimony from a young widow, and the singing was marvelous.

The sermon was topped and tailed by two of my favourtie hymns - a new one - Townend's 'In Christ Alone' and the Spafford's 'It is well with my soul' [which was a favourite of my parents, so I do get a abit weepy, I admit]

Thank you to everyone at Emmanuel, Didsbury for the service.Looking forward to listening to Roy Jenkins, a Baptist minister from Cardiff next week - he is usually very good too!

Off to church now. I believe we are looking at Passover and the Israelites in the wilderness. Sorry, no time to post any pictures!

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  1. You have pictures of the Israelites in the wilderness? And you didn't post them? Wow.


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