Tuesday 29 April 2008

Be aware, be moved, be involved...

I think the new Oxfam ad on TV this week is really very clever.  logo_oxfamBob says he keeps expecting it to turn into an advert for Lloyds bank though.

But it seems strange timing to launch it - Christian Aid week starts on May 11th which is less than a fortnight away 180px-Christian_Aid_Logo_svg - isn't Joe Public going to get a little confused?

I suppose if he does, he may just be prompted to give, even if he isn't quite sure which charity is which.

A man has just come to the front door collecting ...

"You may remember me, I come every year collecting for the animals who are killed by the poachers" He was wearing a badge and he had one rather creased leaflet which he waved at me - but no collecting tin, just a black leather unlabelled purse. He was well spoken, 60-ish, and smartly dressed - but I am afraid I declined and shut the door quickly.

Now I have loads of questions -

  1. If it IS a genuine charity, why no proper envelopes or collecting box?
  2. Why didn't he tell me the NAME of the charity? and finally
  3. What on earth is he going to DO with money he collects for 'animals killed by the poachers'? Is he planning to pay for a posh funeral - these animals are dead, after all!!!

Spending all day on a recalcitrant PC preparing for two church events has left me more than a little frazzled I am afraid.

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