Friday, 18 April 2008

Please don't tell Pru Leith

Bob has developed the alarming habit of eating his evening meal, then relaxing briefly in front of "The Great British Menu" before he goes to work in the evening. It leaves me a little despondent, watching all these chefs serving up cod's cheek, and mozzarella smoke bombs and spun sugar concoctions - when I havIM002466e just produced a relatively boring sausage casserole [mind you they were very cute little cocktail sausages, which I found lurking in the freezer, needing to be used up]

However for dessert tonight, I managed a very impressive looking Mousse Latte Macchiato, served up in espresso cups, with little biscuits in the saucer. Tasted quite good.

I have to confess it was a packet mix, whipped up with cold milk in 3 minutes. I got it ridiculously cheaply in the Euralille Supermarket when we were there at half term.

pru leith etc Pru Leith said, and I tend to agree, that wonderful presentation counts for nothing if the dish tastes revolting. However, I do think that if one is serving up an OK but dull dessert, it never hurts to gussie it up a little!

The photo shows the cup on one of my red napkins. These were a real thrifty buy - beautiful linen, and I got six of them in 1982 for 10p each. Mind you, they do have the words "Laker Airways" woven into them! I think it was some sort of bankruptcy sale after Skytrain went into receivership. Sir Freddie Laker, like Bob, was a former pupil of the Simon Langton School in Canterbury.

My friend Debbie has kindly volunteered to take That Pew CZM40ushion to Norfolk next week - but she is travelling on the coach, and hadn't realised the cushion is almost six feet long. Thanks for the offer, anyway, Debbie!

I have enjoyed Lesley's Rowan Book [winter 2007, #40] but realise it will cost a fortune to make any of the projects in there which I really like. I do have a WIP from an earlier Rowan book, 'Nature' [not done in their yarns though] but that is languishing at the moment because I am busy knitting Sea Lettuce Scarves.rowan nature

Bob has gone out to the Worship Group Music Practice. I shall be virtuous and do the ironing and watch NCIS. My elderly Philips iron is not behaving very well, and I think it needs replacing. Has anybody out there got any comments on these 'steam generator' ones? The John Lewis website claims they 'cut ironing time in half' - which is a very appealing thought. If it is true, it would be worth the money!

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