Friday, 25 April 2008

Elf an Saty

Last year, one of my pupils wrote down that we had to be careful with electricity "becos of elf an saty". I have just been reminded of this whilst listening to that lovely actor Peter Sallis peter sallisin the brilliant play "Purvis" which has just been repeated on BBC7. I found it screamingly funny - it is all about a long suffering vicar and his wife [like me, she is not gifted at cooking for church events] who are blessed with a super-enthusiastic volunteer Church Health and Safety Officer.

Disclaimer - I know a number of Church H&S Officers, and I am in no way suggesting that Purvis resembles any of them! But if you have 45minutes to spare and want a laugh, do use the Listen Again facility to catch this play if you can. I believe it will be online till May 1st.

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