Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Bunnies!

A lovely surprise when I got home from school today – not one but two parcels. The first was a set of books from The Book People, and I will blog about them later. Bob had already opened that parcel – because the delivery man from Yodel had dropped it over the top of the seven foot side gate. Fortunately the books were undamaged- but Bob needed to check before he rang them and complained [last time they did that, it was delicate computer components. Do these people have no sense?]

The second parcel contained a lovely long letter and these 3 things…


My friend Pam had sent me two Easter Bunny Egg Cosies. I used to see Pam regularly when I did supply teaching at her school – but we haven’t met up since January. So I’d sent her one of my Lent Postcards, and this was her generous reply.

knitters year

It was super to sit and read and catch up on all Pam’s news- and aren’t the cosies cute?

They are taken from this Debbie Bliss book, which I got as another Book People bargain at Christmas.

I have tried hard with the Lent Cards- but have only managed 23/35 days thus far

Next week I shall probably send a batch of Easter Cards – and try to write a proper message in each. That way I may get to target, but will not have done a Card-A-Day as I originally hoped.

How are you managing with Lent Challenges?

Have you made any Easter crafts?


  1. awww so cute. Usually I knit little chicks to sit over creme eggs for a local charity shop but I haven't picked up my needles in months.
    Perhaps I should have a think about getting started on xmas lol
    x x x

  2. Yodel was mentioned on 'Watchdog' recently as having a habit of dropping parcels over high fences, including a parcel containing a computer! I dont think anyone was impressed by their service.

  3. I'm afraid I haven't done very well with my lent letters...I haven't even managed 23...still, I'll continue trying to catch up! That 99 cornet looks very delicious!

  4. The egg cosies are so cute!

  5. better send 'em soon before it costs 60p each :S


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