Saturday 31 March 2012

A Tight Spot?

tightsI have this absurd self-imposed rule about opaque tights. I will wear them between October 1st and March 31st – but from the late spring to early autumn, they are packed away with my ‘hibernal’ clothes. [What a lovely adjective!] So this has been my final week of winter clothes – and on different days I have worn red, plum, blue and green tights.


But I have observed something very strange – I have two pairs of bottle green tights, and for some reason, these ones have much longer legs than any other colour. Pippi Longstocking?

Does something happen in the dyeing process which makes them get longer when washed?

All the others fit my legs perfectly – even though my pins are rather short.


But I looked down the other evening at Sewing Club, and noticed that they had formed rather gruesome wrinkles round my calves. I also realised that trying to photograph one’s own feet is not successful – my legs appear even shorter and fatter than ever!

Perhaps before I pack them away I should sew a new toe seam across the bottom to remove 5cm or so?


I think I am less like Pippi Longstocking and more like Nora Batty!

On the subject of legwear, I notice that Marks and Spencer now sell leggings, jeggings and treggings!

Wikipedia says that

“Treggings are leggings styled to look like trousers. Much like jeggings, the word is a portmanteau of leggings and jeans. Treggings fit just like leggings, but are made out of a thicker fabric”

I expect to be wearing more summer skirts if the weather stays this pleasant. I certainly don’t envisage encasing my legs in treggings!

What an utterly stupid word!


  1. teacher uniform? I have those shoes, that dress and those tights!!! well I never!

    1. I always thought we had many things in common, but this is getting silly!

  2. I have discovered that in the this unseasonal weather I have not very much to wear at all outside of school walk requirements- subbing included. Sp the good old opaque tights, brown, will still be out on me for the 1st of April and Uncle Willie's big family lunch!

  3. How about 'sheggings' look like shorts? Isnt it getting silly?

  4. I can only find Nora Battys in black or brown. We had snow overnight so I think I'm justified in wearing them for just a bit longer!
    Jane x

  5. If today's anything to go By I would keep the warm tights available!! max of 7c on wednesday forecast and frost at night. Might have to find the vests again.

  6. I have a similar self-imposed tights rule but without the specific dates.

    Treggings? Dreadful word - but it's gotten me thinking of other silly portmanteau words to be constructed from "leggings":

    Kheggings - khaki of course, ideal to wear when quaffing ale
    Fleggings - flannel, and sounding a bit sadistic
    Sweggings - sweater knit (but wait, we're back to tights)
    Tweggings - tweed, and twuely tewwible to contempwate


  7. We have "jeggings" here-they are made to look like jeans!


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