Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Look Who I Met Last Week!


This is Mark Gilding, who is often seen on TV with Tim Wonnacott in ‘Bargain Hunt’. He’s a really nice bloke [and although there was a Speaker’s Fee, he donated it to Macmillan Cancer Care]



Mark came to our Friends and Neighbours Group last week and spoke about the work of an auctioneer. He was absolutely fascinating, and we all enjoyed the evening enormously. He brought items with him which were worth hundreds of pounds for us to look at and handle!  [That left me a little nervous – was the church liable if one of the group dropped something?]

I have no antiques- I just have Bob – and he tells me he is not an antique, he is a ‘collectable’!!


  1. Part of my family were called Gilding from Leicestershire and I have often seen the auctioneers on tv and wondered if we were related! Do you live anywhere near Bottesford? That is where my ancestors came from.Fascinating story.

  2. Bottesford is up in the vale of Belvoir,about 30 miles NE of me - but the Gildings come from Market Harborough around 20 miles SE of here. Mark told us they were an old Leics family, so perhaps you are related.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks- a gift from my generous SIL who has exquisite taste!

  4. Lovely photo Angela! That sounds like an evening I would have really enjoyed.

  5. Bob's comment made me laugh out loud. Too funny!

  6. Oh you really know how to plan a programme. Mind you, our MU had a very fabulous international speaker this year!


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