Friday, 23 March 2012

It’s The Way They Tell Them!

Have you been watching the new CSI with Ted Danson? We have – and so when a 7 year old said to me at school “Please Miss, someone’s written ‘Gulliver’ on the ceiling” I thought of this film and looked upwards


The children laughed at me. “What did you say?” I queried

“He said someone’s written ‘Gulliver’ on the ceiling and if someone looks up it means they are silly” explained his friend, grinning .

“Ah – I think the word he should have said was GULLIBLE” I told them “And I am not sure that I am the silly one round here!

Then later I was admiring the Easter pictures being drawn by the Year 5 children. “Tell me about this one” I said [always a safe comment – never assume you understand their artwork, you may say something horrible embarrassing]


“This is Judas, and this is Pontee-Us Pil –art- ays the Governor” the boy told me

“His name is usually pronounced Pie-Lat” I said

“Oh no, Miss, at our church, every week they announce Pil-art-ays”

Well, if they say it like that at his church, where people ought to be Bible experts, who am I to argue? I suggested he might like to check up on that, as I suspected that was the name of the man who invented the exercises, and not the first century Roman ruler!

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