Sunday, 25 March 2012

Homophones Of The Weak

Saturday Morning… Bob was busily pottering in and out lugging heavy bits of PA equipment to be put away after Friday’s [excellent] Folk Night [thanks Dave!] Meanwhile I was fatigued and flopping around in the kitchen, like a defrosted fish finger, with Radio 4 chuntering away happily in the background.

radio4And then I heard the announcer say Fraser Nelson would be bringing us “The Week In Westminster”

Weak in Westminster?!? what about the Kompletely Kream-Krackered in Kirby? I thought to myself.

Then it got even more confusing, when F. Nelson introduced Jessye Norman. Only it was Jesse Norman – Conservative MP for Herefordshire and member of the Treasury Select Committee, there to discuss The Budgetjessenoman mp

I would rather it had been the ‘original’ JN! Her singing might have given me a bit of an energy boost!

what a voice!

…I think I should have gone back to bed.

Too tired to do anything properly.


  1. I hope your 'get up and go' gets up and comes back and that you are soon back to your energetic bouncy self!

  2. I hope you are soon feeling better - there seems to be a listless virus doing the rounds here.

  3. the weak in Westminster...too gonna use your pun for ...


  4. Just be glad they didn't ask the MP to sing.

    1. You are SO right there, Mrs M - that would have been dreadful!


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