Monday, 19 March 2012

Karen’s So Kind!

The postman delivered a parcel from Karen at Chelmarsh Chunterings. I was the winner of her recent Spring blog giveaway. Inside the jiffy bag was a brown cardboard box, containing…



..a delightful pink thank you card, containing some coffee sachets and chocolate bars…


… four wonderfully handcrafted greetings cards, with pretty embellishments and beading


…a beautifully crocheted doiley made by Karen’s Mum – it’s around 12” across and the workmanship [workwomanship?] in it is utterly astounding, and finally a few squares of Thornton's chocs in various flavours.

Thank you Karen – you are so very generous. We will enjoy the sweets – and pass on the cards to friends on their special days.



Also this month I won a toast stamp from Jessica at New Beginnings



You press it into the bread, which you then pop into the toaster- out up it jumps, bearing the words

“I ♥ you!”

Next time I shall try it on thicker white bread – the message may show up better!

Thank you Karen, and Jessica for your generosity.


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