Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cherry Trees And Fuchsia Bushes

Up late last night at the Golden Wedding Event. Amazing cake – one layer plain sponge, one layer chocolate sponge, and one layer a brandy-laced fruit cake [rather a lot of brandy*] This morning we  collected a van to transport PA gear to tomorrow’s event, then I dropped in on the Macmillan Coffee Morning at Cherry Tree Gifts.


Home again, and I went and harvested the berries from my fuchsia bush. Considerably more fruit than last year which is pleasing.


I have a small amount of homemade ice-cream in the freezer, so that will make a good dessert for our meal this evening.

It is the last day of August – it has been a really good month, with lots of lovely summer activities. September tomorrow. Lots of bloggers are taking on new challenges for the month. Sft has a Stretch it out September Challenge [here] and NYK has a Septimus Frugalus Challenge [here] I have decided not to sign up for either. Not because I plan to spend madly during this month but I’m already stretching the budget to its limit. Taxing the car and the new motorbike** during August [when there is no Supply Teaching and therefore no pay] has been enough of a challenge already! Fortunately there is school work already booked for next week, so I know the budget will be on track again very soon.


Don’t you just love this ancient motto? It was over the door of the Museum in Ipswich. According to the guide, it says

“Live frugally, so that you do not fall into dissipation”

“My wife says that all the time” Bob told the guide!

*does eating brandy soaked cake count as ‘falling into dissipation’?

**we had no choice this time – but Bob has taxed the bike for just 6 months, so that the two won’t coincide again]


  1. You guys look happy! I do love September and I shall just soak up the goodness of my students. They are shiny and bright.

  2. I really like the outfit you are wearing,Angela...blouse or dress?
    Jane x

  3. Thanks Jane, dress from M&S, a birthday gift!


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