Sunday, 14 May 2017

Get Well Soon

My thoughts and prayers today are with all those affected by this weekend's cyber attack on healthcare systems - not just the NHS here in the UK - but in 99 other countries around the world. 
Thinking of 

  • those whose tests, treatments and operations have been delayed
  • the medical personnel struggling to do their job efficiently without access to the data, results, and records they need
  • all who are anxious for the health and healing, for themselves and for their loved ones
  • and for those who have perpetrated these cruel and senseless acts - may their hearts be turned from hurting to helping.
  • and above all, praying that the problems can be rectified quickly, to enable healthcare workers to resume their work efficiently.
I am definitely not an advocate of praying to the saints, but thought I would just mention [because this chap is so often overlooked] that today is the feast day of St Ethelmund. Born in England, he went off as a missionary to Friesland, working in Haarlem in the diocese of Utrecht. He founded lots of churches there and died in 739AD - in Holland you can still find his image depicted  in stained glass windows. Ethelmund is apparently the patron saint of those who suffer from toothache!

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  1. I am not vindictive by nature, but a rather too big a part of me is wondering whether St. Ethelmund could perhaps channel all the toothache in the world at those guilty of this attack. Then close down all their local medical facilities.


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