Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Gratitude, Good Friends, Giveaways And A Granddaughter

Yesterday was a good day [mostly] First thing, Liz messaged me to say Rosie had a temperature and was going to stay home from Nursery [there's been sickness going round, as often happens when you get lots of small children all together] But she clearly brightened up later, and it was lovely to get a picture of her with her crayons. I am grateful for the technology which means I can see my grandchild's progress like this even though she is miles away. She does concentrate so intently on things - Liz and Steph were just the same at that age. 
I had a coffee date at 10am at our local Garden Centre [which is next to Hobbycraft] I went on my bike - grateful that my knee is so much better and pedalling is not the pain it was in January.
I was meeting up with Mary, who writes the blogs Trundling Through Life and Frugally Challenged. She had emailed me to say that she'd be passing this way en route to a holiday in Cornwall, and she suggested we meet for coffee. It was utterly brilliant!
We'd not met in person before, but discovered we had heaps in common - Mary had lived and worked in Leicester years ago so we talked about places we'd been. And we also found that we enjoy many of the same blogs. If you ever get the chance to meet up with a 'blogfriend', do take it. I have yet to be disappointed at such a get-together - and friendships have become much deeper. I am grateful for all the people who have become important to me since I started writing Tracing Rainbows. When I passed the 1 Million Hits a couple of months back, I said I ought to do a giveaway. And I completely forgot. Sorry! But over at Small Moments last week, ElizabethD gave away a lovely address book. It reminded me that I had a pretty one which I had no use for.
It has space for 300 addresses [with space for landline, mobile and fax numbers] and beautiful butterflies on the cover. It is ring-bound, so opens nice and flat [always useful when you are trying to copy out an address]
I am grateful for all my friends all round the country world, and believe it is good to keep in touch. If you'd like to have this book to list your friends, please leave a comment on this post before Friday evening, and I will put the names in a hat, and then send the book to the winner.
I have so much to be grateful for - thank you, dear readers, I number you among my blessings!


  1. It was great to meet up yesterday, wasn't it? I never fail to be amazed that no matter how much I talk my tongue never gets tired! I hope you won't mind but could I give myself a small plug at http://trundlingthroughlife.blogspot.co.uk which I actually write on more than my other blog.

  2. I had a delightful meeting with Mary last Summer when she was down in Cornwall. Sadly this year I have just too many things on this week to make it possible.
    I don't need to enter your giveaway! But it looks very pretty.

  3. She said you'd met up at Lanhydrock- what a lovely place that is!

  4. I am so glad you got to meet Mary! She is my penpal as arranged by Elizabeth of Small Moments! I can imagine it was a lovely meeting and having so much in common you probably felt as if you had always known each other! Don't you love it when that happens? So glad the babe is recovered -- sick babies are not fun!

  5. Rosie looks so very engrossed in that picture! Glad to hear she's feeling better. Glad, too, that you got to meet a blog friend! The address book is very pretty, but please don't enter me in the give away! I wouldn't want you to go to the expense of posting it overseas!

  6. Grandaughters are everything! Today is my day for being a 'proper Nana'!I love Wednesdays! Rosie is a posie of loveliness!x

  7. And there's Mary! I am so glad the two of you had a meet-up! That is so exciting!


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