Saturday, 20 May 2017

I Came Home In Tatters!

When I got back to Dorset after a couple of days up in London for WWDP Committees, I really was 'in tatters'. The dictionary defines it thus
Torn in many places; in shreds. Late Middle English (also in the singular meaning ‘scrap of cloth’): from Old Norse t«ętrar ‘rags’.
First up, I'd become aware on Tuesday morning when I got dressed, that I had damaged my jeans the day before. On Monday, I'd been carrying my briefcase in my hand, but slung my satchel across my body as I travelled from Waterloo to Baker Street, and then later back to Elephant and Castle. But I had put my satchel with the flap inwards [feeling it was more secure that way] not realising the sharpness of the buckles. My jeans were shredded across the top of the right thigh, with a number of pulls and there were lots of snagged threads.
Secondly, as I got my Oyster card out at E&C, I saw the orange plastic wallet had split. 
And finally, when I got home, I went past a mirror, and thought there was something on my shoulder. I checked it out - and realised I had a hole in my jacket.
Oh dear! What's a girl to do?
Jeans -  I got out my very sharp embroidery scissors and using my magnifying lamp, carefully trimmed away all the snagged threads. Snags barely visibvle now!
Jacket - I found that there was just enough spare seam allowance inside the pocket to cut a small scrap for patching. Rather than simply sew it down, I bound the edge of the patch with pink bias binding, and sewed it in place with red coton a broder thread - using blanket stitch and French Knots to make a feature of the mend.
Wallet - well, at first I thought I would just chuck it away. It is 5 years old, and these things are easily obtainable. Then I was so annoyed at the insensitive, ill-judged, offensive remarks made by BJ on his recent visit to a Sikh Gurdwara that I decided I needed to maintain my stance on this issue. So I found some brown electrical tape and carefully bound all the edges.Now it looks like it came from Sainsbury's in the 1970s.
But three items have received the Make Do And Mend treatment. And I am happy.


  1. Well done, Ang. It is so satisfying to get more life out of things which have been useful friends.

  2. I'm going to add that to Matt's revisison notes- we have been discussing Britain's preparation for WWII and laughing about war poster slogans- especially the Keep Calm phenomenon!

  3. Torn jeans are in style, but you did well with your making do and mending.

    1. I suspect I am way too old to wear torn jeans and look fashionable. I'd look like a little old bag lady.


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