Monday, 8 May 2017

ScarfAce 2 - My Daughter's Duvet Day

What do you give someone for a birthday present knowing they collect bandannas? Answer - a bandanna duvet cover. And if you cannot find one in the shops, make one, and get your Mum to help. This second ScarfAce post couldn't be  published until after the gift was delivered over the weekend.
This was Steph's challenge over Easter. She arrived in Norfolk with a pack of scarves, and a black sheet [for the backing] and I arrived with a sewing machine, black and red thread, and some popper-tape from the fabulous Fabricland store. 
Sunday evening, whilst Rowan Atkinson was playing Maigret, she ironed and I measured and marked. Monday, up early to pin the pieces together. Then we set up the two machines - my old Frister Rossman, which lives at Cornerstones, and my Janome which had travelled up from Dorset. 

We both worked really hard [knowing we had to leave at midday, as Steph needed to catch a train from Norwich Station] Liz had given me some cute tape for Easter, so one piece was sewn into the hem.

And by 11.45, it was done and dusted, and tried out on my duvet. Steph did have some loose ends to trim later, but between us,I think we did a fine job in such a short time, and the recipient was extremely pleased.


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