Thursday, 9 August 2018

Bikes And Mikes

With our  car insurance, we now get 'Meerkat Movies' - so we were able to go 2-for-1 [seniors] to the cinema to watch Tom Cruise and co in the latest M.I. film.
It is just like all the others. 
I enjoyed the motorcycle chases round Paris - especially where Rebecca Fergusson, on a lovely British Triumph Tiger, beats Cruise who is driving a BMW [car]. 
I cannot find a picture of RF on said bike - any attempt at Google Images of bikes in Fallout seems to show pictures of Tom on his BMW.
It did bring back happy memories of our summer holiday in 2006, when we took our bike to France, and sped along the Peripherique. Except that we rode round the Arc De Triomphe in the correct direction.
I have clearly spent too many years listening to Bob talking about PA gear- when Vanessa Kirby picked up a microphone, I spotted that it was a Shure 55! [VK plays Princess Margaret in 'The Crown']
Age must be creeping up on me- I found Simon Pegg's character far more interesting than Tom Cruise!
The London and Paris scenes had more action and suspense, I felt, than the final denouement. Some bits of the plot were a little too guessable.
But as MI's go, this was was all you'd expect. I am 7 years older than Mr Cruise and certainly couldn't attempt the stunts he does.
I would give it ****

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